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Refresher AI asks you targeted questions on key concepts and details from your books, turning your reading into lasting knowledge.

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How does it work

📚 Add a book that you want to transform into deep knowledge
🤖 The fine-tuned AI carefully creates questions based on the book content
🧠 Always stay sharp at work, before interviews or in social life

Success stories

How Refresher AI boosts memory retention

Awesome tool for exam preparation

“This tool is awesome for practicing for my CFA Level exam. I've been hunting for something that throws questions at me randomly and explains the answers. It's definitely my go-to tool for the next few months!“

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Astrik S.
Risk Manager at Vanguard

I am always staying ready with my skills

“I am taking over various IT projects during my work, and I need to periodically refresh my knowledge of different technologies. Refresher AI helps me to always stay fresh with my professional skills.“

User 1
Armen N.
Senior Engineer at EPAM

Remember what you read for exams

“Imagine having a personal mentor that quizzes you on details from every book you“ve ever loved (or needed to learn from). It“s like having a gym workout for your memory.“

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Jakub H.
Self-Employed Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Refresher AI creates questions for each user?

Refresher AI uses fine-tuned AI models to analyze to analyze and create tailoring questions specifically to reinforce your memory of key concepts and details from the books you read.

Which types of books does Refresher AI support?

Our platform is versatile and supports a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic texts, and more.

What happens if my answer is incorrect?

If you select an incorrect answer, Refresher AI will ask you the same question again later to reinforce your memory.

Is Refresher AI suitable for students and professionals?

Absolutely! Whether you're studying for exams, looking to retain more from professional development books, or just reading for pleasure, Refresher AI is designed to enhance your learning and retention.

What happens to my data?

Your privacy is our priority. All data and books you upload are securely stored and only accessible to you. We use the highest standards of data protection to ensure your information and reading material are safe.

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